Vic Marsh
Vic Marsh
Leeds School of Business | University of Colorado Boulder



I am a third-year PhD candidate in management and entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado Boulder. I use experiments (quantitative) and comparative case studies (qualitative) research to uncover important management processes, especially how people judge the credibility of other people in workplaces. Prior to joining the University of Colorado Boulder, I was a U.S. diplomat responsible for crisis management in Cyprus, Hong Kong & Macau, Haiti, and the Secretary of State’s headquarters team - often perplexed by which briefers achieved the most influence in organizational decisions. I hold a BA from Stanford with honors in international security studies and a master's degree in the same field from Princeton. My languages are English (native), Turkish (fluent), and Chinese (Mandarin - barely hanging on).

I am now in Silicon Valley researching new and legacy Employee Resource (affinity) Group leadership and the experiences of the first official HR person at new high-growth companies.


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